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As above, so below ...

When I was six, I asked my mother why I was who I was and not somebody else. I could not understand that I was just "Veerle" and not my sister or my friend or my neighbor. What I could not describe at that age was the sense that I felt one with rather a lot. Quite a lot actually and suddenly I realized at that age that I was a person, not one with everything and everyone. What I did not understand either was that there were so many stars up there in the sky. How the hell was it possible that there were so many? And where was the end? And where was its universe?
I think my fascination with the cosmos had already begun ....

Of course the planets do NOT affect our actions, but they are mirrors. They reflect how we are doing.
Hence: "As above, so below ..."

Veerle lives in Belgium and has a masters degree in Applied Economics. She worked for almost 15 years in the Human Resources sector learning a lot about 'people'. Meanwhile she also studied Astrology and has an extensive experience of giving consulting services in Astrology. She also works as a teacher.
She provides email and audio consultations for any type of question.

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