Astrology and kids? A good match?

Of course.

If you have a child it can be an enrichment to study astrology or to consult a good astrologer who takes a look at the chart of your child.

You learn a lot about the emotions, needs, thoughts, drives and feelings of your child. 

You also learn a lot about yourself!

Our children know us better then any other person and know exactly what our weaknesses are. 

Which can be a confrontation.

And of course the ego plays a role too when the discussions become just a bit more then interesting. Who is the toughest one?

Individual versus individual.

Even if the child is two. 

It seems to happen more often between fathers and sons or mothers and daughters. Although I have strong doubts about that...

But it’s easy, very easy to be swayed by your own ego  Then it becomes an ego trip instead of a city trip.

And of course a lonely trip.

Then you can see for example in the chart of the parent a Neptune transit on mars. And mars can be the ruler of the fifth house, the house of children. Which can mean: your mars needs to be finetuned, you need to open up a bit more towards your child. Or the opposite could happen: you put too little boundaries for your child and you see a Saturn transit to a personal planet that reflects the need for more structure towards the child. If you have a combination of a Neptune and Saturn transit then the best thing you can do is adjust to the situation when it concerns boundaries yes or no.

Often you will see that these transits happen in both charts of the child and parent. 

It can be very clear and simple. A Uranus transit for instance can go through the fifth house of the parent. Your child can behave more as a rebel. If you look at the transit of the child then you can find for instance that Uranus is opposing the sun which reflects perfectly the need for the child to behave as an individual and to stand up for itself.

All is one.

And if you don’t know how to deal with the whims of your child, astrology can be a good support.

Because getting to know your child better, is getting to know yourself better.

Which can be funny at times (see cartoon).