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Solar Eclipse

Promotion: Eclipses October 2023

Yes! It’s eclipse season again!


Ready to work with the universe rather than going against it?


The energy of the Eclipses in October of 2023 are all about breakthroughs of dormant crisises. This is represented by the Saros Cycle ‘7 South’ which is all about high speed movement of solving big problems. The Mars Pluto energy of this Saros cycle pushes towards change.

Using your own power instead of feeling powerless is key here.

If you have been waiting for that transformation, here is the opportunity!

Do you want me to look at your chart specifically when it comes to the eclipses of October 2023, this promotion is for you!

The promotion of 77euro includes a personal audio recording reading of 20 minutes where I give an answer to following questions :

  • Where the eclipse of the 14th of October at 21 degrees of Libra  falls in your natal chart?

  • Where the eclipse of the 28th of October at 5 degrees of Taurus falls in your natal chart?

  • How do these eclipses hit your chart: are there any planets or important points at those degrees?

  • What is the interpretation for YOU of these eclipses?

  • What do you need to let go of which is represented by the transit of the Souh Node?

  • What do you need to go for and how to get out of your comfort zone which is represented by the North Node?

Send me a short email with your birthdetails and some context of what it is you want to transform  to:

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