A fascinating lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, a filosofical one as well, to say the least:

Jupiter, the planet of truth, is about to shift to another sign.
It is now still in Gemini and as a matter of fact there is now an overdosis of Gemini energy.
Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun and soon Mars all in Gemini brings out the extremes of this sign. And we all feel that in a particular area of our lives. We all have this cluster of energy somewhere in our charts.
Jupiter is about to shift signs. It will enter Cancer around the 27th of June. The planet will be able to do it’s work way better. In Gemini Jupiter isn’t really happy. There is too much information, too much scattered energy. Neptune also plays a role in this. It squared up and will still square up to all those planets in Gemini. A square is frustrated energy. So all that information will not have the effect that it should have, namely make better decisions and feel secure to make the best decision. Or on another level finding as much as absolute truth as one can find. Jupiter wants to know the truth. With the lunar eclipse now in Sagittarius, this is emphasized. But the thing is, we have trouble in founding it right now. Too much trees in the forest and we don’t have the Sagittarian overview anymore.
But there is good news. Jupiter will enter Cancer, a water sign that is associated with family, roots, nurtering, our foundations. Jupiter will be able to find that truth through focusing on family, roots, things or people that are important. So, bye bye scattered energy and welcome to the opening up and freeing up feeling of knowing what is important in life and what is not, or at least less important.
There is a reason for the Neptune mist in the Gemini scattering energy. Gemini gives us all the opportunities, all the information and Neptune helps us to open our views, to see that there is more. Actually, we could see it as an opportunity that we see all the possibilities and then that WE can find our own truth afterwards that is based on deep, emotional foundations.
So let’s understand that the overdosis of more or less scattered and misty information is kind of needed before we come to deep, grounded truth.
In whatever area of life this is happening for you, let all the info come to you, the gossipy Gemini info or the witty info in all it forms, but be aware that Gemini is never grounded energy. The grounding comes later.
Meanwhile tap into the positive side of Gemini which is talk talk and laugh laugh. Even sometimes if it's laughing with a tear or two....