Mercury retrograde

When Mercury goes retrograde...

Our thinking, communication, travel, etc...slows down.
But that doesn't mean to say that this is a time to stop thinking, traveling or communicating because we think we will be misunderstood, caught up in traffic jams, etc...
On the contrary, it means we become more aware of all these things.
Astrology is not meant to frighten people and to make us live towards what the planets are saying.
It is there to become more aware of what's happening, and above all to give you a broader perspective of our reality. A perspective that goes beyond our very unique, personal subjective point of view. This is exactly the intention of the Greek God Hermes who is associated with Mercury. He's the translator of God's messages.
If you cannot trust that there is a bigger plan up there and we're a part of it, then yes, we will resist what's coming and therefore the pain will increase or the happiness will be far away.
Let me give you an example and forgive me for it's simplicity. It's the first one that comes up in my mind.
I could decide today, the 22nd of October to make my French videos for November. I know that with Mercury Re the chances are high that my battery will become empty at a time I don't want it to or that my message will be interpreted wrongly or that it will rain so hard here in Belgium that the lightning is too dark and the sound of the rain becomes annoying.
Then I have a choice.
I can say to myself:
Option one: it's still not the end of the month of October, so I still have a couple of days before the end of the month. I can postpone doing the videos now and do something else meanwhile.
Or option two: let's pretend today is the last day of October. Then I'll do the videos anyway because I feel it is a commitment I've made to myself that I will do the videos before the start of the next month. And I 'accept' that there might be a delay or struggle, minor or major, with the mercury Re. Because I'm aware of the retro I make sure that my battery is loaded and that the room with the most light is available for me so I can work there etc....
In other words, I can do my best, but I also have to trust that I can't exclude everything. As a result things might have gone not so bad after all, or yes, there might have been some things that did go wrong.
We learn from the things that go wrong.
And hopefully we have the courage to see that and be open to it. Then we can start fresh all over again with new hope to do it better the next time, or to do it differently.
This is not 'waiting' until things go wrong.
It is doing the best you can and then trust that the universe or God is intelligent enough to give you just what you need the most in order for you to grow 'your' level of understanding. Your understanding of yourself and the world around you.
Have a good Mercury Retro!