Pluto: I want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

From an early age I thought (and I still think) that everyone would pursue the above quote in his or her life. It was for me evident that we would all embrace the Truth with a capital T and also the quest to find the Truth, how painful that was or is at certain times.
But somehow for many people it seems to be a challenge to live a true life. It seems to be hard to find our own truth. Not the truth of someone else or something else. And simply denying the truth hurts. The more we try to hide, the more painful it gets.

What about Pluto and the collective?

If I think of the collective a quote of Edmund Burke comes up:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

But let's have a look at Pluto and the individual.

On an individual level we see that a Pluto transit to any of our personal planets or axes (Ascendant, Descendant, IC or Midheaven) can really help to live a more authentic life. We can't escape of digging deep and we can't escape to change what is false. In fact if we do this, it'll make the Pluto transit harder. And it doesn't have to be that way. Trying to 'really' look into the mirror and not being afraid of what we see, is in fact the easier way. But that requires great courage and effort. Of course the reward is priceless and irreversible.

But we all have pieces of ourselves that we would rather not have to face. And the more we push it away, the bigger that piece gets. This includes lack of understanding about that piece.

Astrology is a very handy and a practical tool for a better understanding of those pieces that we don't want to face when we look in the mirror. It reflects what happens to us and is a gift that can show us truths. 

Of course how pure and objective an astrologer claims to be, he or she is and always remains a subject with his or her specific color of glasses. Therefore no one, astrologer or not can proclaim the absolute truth but we can at least try and do the best we can.

What if Pluto is strongly placed in your horoscope and how do we best deal with Pluto transits?

Pluto expects us to let go of things, situations and people. You are completely out of your 'comfort zone' which most people don't like, especially those who want control above everything. 
People with Pluto strongly placed (on Ascendant, Descendant, IC or AC or in aspect to a personal planet) will experience several times in their lives that they totally transform. Occasionally, they shed their skin like a snake. Pluto is often associated with the word 'crisis'. We must apparently get through a dark stage before we are worthy to welcome the light.
If we have a Pluto transit to one of our personal planets or axes in a hard aspect - this means an opposition (180 degrees) or square (90 degrees) - then we make a meaningful change in our lives. Death and rebirth is certainly involved.
What does this mean? Let's have a look at some examples.

This means that particular areas of our lives need a transformation - for example in terms of our identity (Sun) or emotions (Moon). Pluto destroys what is not working anymore in order to welcome the new and to allow your potential to arise. So you're better off. Afterwards. Not easy to see when you're 'in the moment' and therefore a lot of people offer (usually) resistance. You don't want to change your beloved, your job, or that 'something' that you are very much attached to. Deep down inside you feel a need that somehow a shift in direction has to be made. If you resist, manipulate to control the situation, the job, the loved ones, you experience your dark side. 

Again Pluto learns to let go...

If Mercury is involved, you can experience an 'idée fixe'. An overfocus on something: a project, an idea, a belief. There's nobody who can stop you and if you feel opposition you could actually choose to go even further. Again you're trying to let go, you're trying to make a total shift when it concerns the way you think and communicate. 

Pluto in an aspect to Venus can totally transform someone through love. With a challenging aspect you could experience compulsive behavior. Your biggest fear, losing a loved one, can turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. And yes, again, key here, is to let go. Once you understand that it is fear of losing someone you don't want to lose, you can avoid the manipulation and the controlling sides of your personality. 

Pluto in a challenging aspect to Mars can demand that you face your own power and the way you act. Power struggles can happen and it is just a way to experience your own power in a more effective way.

It is clear that those who are naturally of control have more difficulty letting go. A lot will change after such a Pluto transit has ended. It is essentially an opportunity to be able to let go and blindly trust that it is good.
Simply put, it makes you a stronger person!

And if you understand that everything is one -the past, present and future- then it does not matter that we are not perfect. Then it does not matter that we have a certain perception of this life that does not correspond with the truth.
What does matter is that everyone takes responsibility to find their own truth. And when Pluto is transiting one of your personal planets or touching one of your axes, you certainly have the opportunity to start your journey for truth.


And indescribably interesting.

Or maybe occasionally we touch our noses and realize that in every one of us there lives a pinokkio...