Unity versus separation. 

Neptune versus Saturn.

Neptune in Pisces is going to trine Saturn in Scorpio during the whole month of October 2012 and also as from May 2013 until mid August of 2013. 

This has a meaning.

And what does this have to do with freedom?

Everyone knows those moments when everything seems to flow. No difficulty, no effort to be done. And just during that moment, your favorite song is playing on the radio while you're doing something that runs so smoothly and naturally that you almost can’t believe it. These are those moments when everything seems to fit and a deep intense happiness is experienced. You feel one with the whole.

That's the world of Neptune.

But there are also those moments where everything goes wrong. You feel isolated from everyone and you're faced with your own limitations. You do not feel one. Or maybe you do feel one with a vacuum tube.

That's the world of Saturn.

Neptune is therefore no better or worse than Saturn. They both have their meaning. Saturn makes sure that we stay with both feet on the ground. And Neptune shows us that there is more than just this dimension.

All about the balance.

A balance between the here, the practical, limited world, and moreover, the boundary broadening world. 

This could be the case when Neptune in Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio.

It's a wonderful combination: being able to manifest your ideals!

Many feel that through meditation there is a balance between unity (Neptune) and separation (Saturn). And that gives peaceful feelings.

I myself never consciously meditated.

So I can not testify.


I have also experienced that balance a few times without meditation but just before falling asleep.

How did this happen?

Very simple.

Lots of vibrations: heart beats fast, head spins.

And then suddenly there was a disconnection. Your most essential you, your core, your essence, transcends and embraces everything. But really everything. It's like you have arms as long as the universe and yet you realize very well that you are an individual.

Unity versus separation is in perfect balance.

You are a part but also one with the whole.

So you’re not losing yourself, on the contrary, you feel an enormous force. 

You don’t experience the senses: you don’t smell, you don’t see, etc...but only experience pure consciousness.

Funny enough there is sometimes presence of dearly departed. Also not in a form so that the senses could perceive. It’s just a pure knowing that they are there.

And there is joy!

And that's fine.

That's an indescribable feeling.

It is enthusiasm but precisely controlled. You feel all the other people around you and also oddly enough, you know them as they are.

And that all is well.

It’s the knowing that prevails.

No. With meditation I can not do this.

I can not sit still. Maybe that’s why.

But it happened spontaneously without the focus of ‘let’s meditate and try to connect with our higher self’.

That’s just the way it works with me.

If I focus too much, nothing happens.

Because believe me.

Many times I have "deliberately" tried to get back into that state.

In vain.

I must do with those few hand full of times.

Now Neptune is in Pisces, ......

Yes, maybe, then,  ......?

But not forget not to focus.

Or perhaps with you it’s just the other way around!

 A good idea to focus on 'Freedom'.