When Saturn in Scorpio goes stationary….


Saturn is stationary at the moment (4th of July 2013) until around the 8th of July 2013, then it goes direct again.

Saturn is associated with time, with slowness and when this planet goes stationnary, it can really feel that time goes very slowly indeed. Especially if you have planets or progressed planets in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius at the first ten degrees of that particular sign.

If that is the case, it’s Saturn time: time to face real life. Time to wake up to whatever we need to wake up to. And for some of us this can be liberating, for others it can be just fine but for many it is rather a hard time. Facing the fact that you have a responsibility, a commitment for things or relationships is not nice when we have put that for a long time hidden (Scorpio) under the carpet. Even at its best, if we realize that we are content with our relationships and actions, even then it can be felt as a restriction, especially if you have an idealistic character who likes to imagine all kinds of other options.

Saturn now trining to Neptune (the planet of no limits) can make sure we balance this out.

Having Saturn transits reflect that we need to be confronted with our own limitations whether we like or not. Maybe we’re dreaming a little bit too much or we’re running away from reality because it is painful, difficult or it may seem impossible to change it.

As much as this can be the truth, we may not forget to see these limitations in perspective.

It can become so heavy on us, that we don’t see the broad Jupiterian perspective anymore because we now only see through the glasses of Saturn.

So if you feel Saturn a bit too much lately, don’t forget, there’s always a couple of other planets rotating around as well,....