The in depth reading is an audio recording (wma file) approximately 40 minutes sent to you by e-mail 75€ 

I look in depth at your birth chart. Transits, progressions and solar return are included. If you want me to look at specific areas of your life, let me know.

Send me an email with your date, place and time of birth

email: or go to the 'contact' page

Follow-up audio recording sent to you by e-mail (wma file) approximately 10 to 15 minutes 50€

This is for those who already had an in depth reading from me but wish to have a follow-up. You can ask for a follow up whenever you feel it's necessary. I look at the transits, progressions and solar return.

Send me an email with your date, place and time of birth

email: or go to the 'contact' page

Compatability/Synastry analysis on an audio recording (approximately 45 minutes) sent to you by e-mail (wma file) 99€

Analysis of the two personalities when it concerns patterns of relationships and what is going on now and in the near future. I look at the strenghts and challenges of the relationship and if there is a good chance of a long term commitment. 

Send me an email with both the dates, places and times of birth

email: or go to the 'contact' page


Please note that I don't do charts for a friend of yours, a connection you know, a family member, etc...If a person you know wants a reading, you can give them my email so they are able to contact me.

Please also note that I always give my best possible service with full attention and accuracy. However keep in mind that YOU are the captain of your ship. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be responsible for yourself and whatever choice you make or going to make, it will be your unique choice. My job is to make things clearer, to advice you, not to take away your own power.