Dear Veerle,
Oh my gosh so true!
I run a training company and I offer a course to physicians. About a month ago a physician who was in my training class has been writing to me non-stop. It was like an instantaneous connection, like your reading rightly said he's very different than me both racially and culturally, so I guess your reading is true! It's only been a few weeks, will let you know how it goes but it was so interesting to read your prediction through my birth chart. I thought I have to give you feedback and let you know how accurate it is!!!
Thank you very much, I will be in touch for further readings.
Sheila, India

Thank you kindly for your fantastic reading. It has helped me more than you know and I am very appreciative. I think you are amazing and believe it or not all or most of the things you covered I have been relaying back to my significant other over the past 6 months so I am completely mesmerised by your accuracy and for the fact that I am being authentic with myself.
Yours sincerely
Stephanie Johnston, Australia

I had a fantastic reading.
It was a very clear and above all very complete reading.
I have received from you a lot of information that will help me in the future to go forward in a positive way.
Thank you, Veerle!
Nadine Vanvuchelen, Belgium

Thank you Veerle. This is pretty smack on with the changes and desire that I'm sensing. I look forward to reaching out in the future.
Lorna, USA 

Your reading provides insights of the oppurtunities that present themselves and how to take full advantage of it. You coach me in a professional manner and in function of clearly defined subjects.
Ingeborg Maes, Belgium

Hi Veerle, following the reading I had, you pointed out something to me that really opened my eyes. Thanks to our session I see things in another way and from another perspective, this can only improve my state of mind. Can't wait to have the next one. Keep up the good work and thanks so much.
Michèle, France

Very good! Very nice! Different, interesting and unique!

Thank you!!!! I needed to hear every single word you said. You have a unique and very deep and clear perspective that brought for me a whole new understanding. Now I will watch myself like a Hawk so I can free myself and fly.