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Synastry reading

Synastry reading   299 € 


The 'synastry reading' is an audio recording (wma-and m4a file) of approximately 45 to 60 minutes sent to you by e-mail.

I start with looking at your chart and have a look at how you relate but also what the energies are at the moment. Then I have a look at the other person and do briefly the same. I put both charts on top of each other and analyse the patterns of the relationship. The strengths and challenges are highlighted together with advice how to handle the connection at it's best.  

Send me an email with both the dates, places and times of birth and let me know what your intention is with this connection and what your current state is with this person: for example: married for 2 years, we have been friends for 2 months and my intention is to establish a romantic relationship, etc...

The synastry can be done for any type of relationship. 



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