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The abundance reading: Jupiter in Gemini

88 euro

Abundance is our birth right!

How can we focus on this using the astrology?

Why is it challenging to find your purpose, to be more abundant in a specific area of your life, whether it is financial, relational or in another area of your life?

In this reading I look at your natal Jupiter in your chart. The sign, house and aspects give information about how YOU naturally can feel abundant and create more expansion. 

The next step in the reading is looking at the transit of Jupiter which is now since May 26th 2024 in the sign of Gemini. The house and the aspects Jupiter is forming by transit give information and clues to your situation TODAY and in the future. How can you create more joy and fulfillment today and solidify this for the future as well, especially as we have Saturn squaring Jupiter for most of 2024. 

The promotion of 88 euro includes an audio recording reading (wma-and m4a file) of 15 minutes where I tackle the following :


·    You will understand better your situation by putting it into context and looking at the patterns that Jupiter shows in your chart.

·    You will understand yourself better and therefore make better choices that create more expansion and growth in your life.


·    You will be given advice and tips to look within, take ownership and action towards a life with more joy and abundance.

Send me an email with your date, place and time of birth. In order to make the reading more practical and concrete, you can send me in the same mail a short context of the challenges you are going through.

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